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2021 at CCF

We hope all our readers enjoyed their Christmas and New Year's. Here at CCF we took a well earned break and have come back refreshed and re-energised to tackle whatever challenges our clients feet throw at us!

We promised on our last post to have photos of our new office and workshop space's but we are at present 90% through the renovation's. Just awaiting some new machinery for the workshop, and building an assessment platform to assist our clients (and alleviate Michael's knees and back) in doing our consultations and fittings, and we will be the new and improved 2021 CCF!

Even though we are determined to create a functional and beautiful space for clients, and staff alike, the work here never ceases! Jumping headlong into this year we are continuing to get the best service and products out to our clients.

Here is an example of one of our custom jobs. Our client requested a Doc Martin-esque style shoe and we are pretty happy with the outcome. Featuring a chunky sole and grunge aesthetic it is still meeting all the requirements for our client's needs without compromising on style.

Another example of our recent work is this cool build up we did for a client of ours. We have retained the tread from the shoe to ensure the two treads match and as always we paint the added modification to match the other shoe. Could you believe we didn't have to mix the paint at all, the paint from the tube perfectly matched without any added colour! I believe lady luck was on our side that day. From now on we will be calling this shade Adidas red.

We will keep updating this blog as often as we can throughout the year and will be posting photos of the office space as soon as it's completed. Thank you to all our readers in 2020 and we hope you all check back in the hopefully (*fingers crossed) better year ahead.

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