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Tekscan Equipment

F-Scan in shoe
Pressure Mapping System


We are very excited to now offer the Pressure Mapping System for our clients! This is the latest technology in the world and we are only the third company to use it in Queensland. 

The pressure mapping system is an ultra-thin in shoe sensor that sits between the orthotic and the client’s foot to digitally assess dynamic and static pressure, force and timing information for foot function and gait analysis. By doing an assessment without footwear on, and then comparing it to an assessment with orthotics and/or footwear on, we can determine that the services we are providing are as effective as possible. 


This technology is valuable to all of our clients in identifying pathologies, testing orthotics, offloading diabetic feet and evaluating footwear. This system eliminates end-user guesswork with a definitive evidence-based analysis, rather than anecdotal, preventing injuries and reducing subsequent modifications.


As an allied health provider we assist some of our most vulnerable people who often struggle to communicate. This system overcomes potential communication barriers and ensures that they’re getting the best care possible.


Mobility is key in preserving a quality of life and this system helps us to achieve that by giving our clients the best evidence-based product and outcome.

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If you'd like to read more about this service please click here



The MobileMat™ is Tekscan's standard resolution portable pressure mat. Combined with Tekscan's innovative software, the mat can be used for a variety of applications to capture and evaluate static and dynamic foot function, profile anatomical landmarks, assess postural stability, and perform balance and sway analysis.

Its portability ensures that all our clients are able to take advantage of our evidence-based testing system no matter where we evaluate you! We can bring the MobileMat to you on our travel clinic or for our Home Visits.

Both the F-Scan Pressure Mapping System and the MobileMat are invaluable to help diagnose and treat foot troubles and can also assist in insurance and civil litigation claims by quantifying how the feet are affected. 

Use our online service or give us a call today to book an appointment.

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