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Shop Extension and Update!

Things at CCF are super exciting at the moment. With the continued support of our client's and colleague's CCF has had the opportunity to keep growing in recent years. And with growth comes inevitable progress, so we thought we would catch you all up on the most exciting aspects. First off, last month we acquired the lease for a shop next door to ours and have used the extra space as our new and improved workshop. More space, more modern, and all aspects of it have been set up with safety in mind.

Next big announcement is we have a new staff member! To help to ensure we are getting our products and services out to our amazing clients within a reasonable time frame we have hired a new technician. Bart is a great new addition to our business and has already proved himself invaluable in the set up on the new workshop. He has also proved himself to be a natural when it comes to orthotics and footwear modifications.

With the allowance of more space we have also decided to update the rest of our shop and give it a little face lift in the process. We are not 100% there yet as its taken a bit of time to juggle between the updates and still getting our footwear and orthotics out, but the end is in sight! Will give you a little bit of a sneak peek at our waiting room:

We have a whole lot more stock on the way including shoes in a variety of new colours, just in time for summer! Will share one more new thing we have worked on in the last few weeks that we are proud to show you all. Some new promotional materials. Hope you like our new brochure and business cards:

So excited to be able to show you all our new employee, new workshop and some new promotional materials. It's been a massive few months here and we have so much more we want to show you. We are very proud to be able to see our company take steps forward. CCF spent a long time as a one man show, and it is through Michael's commitment and crazy work ethic that he has been able to expand his business to where it is today.

Thank you for your continued support in checking out our blog. Can't wait to show you the rest of our updates!


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